Scarborough High School

  Houston, Texas, Completed: 2018 

Hana Ginzbarg Environmental Education Center@ Armand Bayou Nature Center

Pasadena, Texas  

Located  at the Armand Bayou Nature Center in Pasadena, Texas amid a bustling  urban-industrial landscape, the Hana Ginzbarg Environmental Education  Center stands out as a natural oasis. The center offers 4,500 Sq. Ft.  for guests to experience its numerous educational features, which  include access to live animals, interactive displays, theatrical  programs, and a variety of other enrichment opportunities. 

The  Environmental Education Center has been designed so as to seamlessly  blend in with its surrounding natural environment, and gunctions as an  environmentally conscious facility that can easily incorporate future  eco-friendly technologies for lasting sustainability.  

Marshall Kendrick Middle School,

 Pasadena, Texas, Completed: 2015 

Rick Schneider Middle School,

 Pasadena, Texas, Completed: 2006 

Located  in Pasadena, Texas right off of I-45, Rick Schneider Middle School  reflects Randall-Porterfield's acumen for successfully introducing  innovative designs and structural features in educational facilities.  This 123,600 sq. ft. middle school features an innovative thermo-mass  tilt-wall system that is used to both conserve energy for environmental  purposes and save significant expense. This tilt-wall system was at the  forefront of educational architecture at the time of the school's  construction. In addition to an advanced design that underscores a  modern aesthetic and the implementation of advanced structural  components, our architectural design for the middle school also affords  efficient use of space 

South Shaver Elementary School

  Location: Pasadena, Texas Completed: 2014 

Plans  for this 100,000 Sq. Ft. structure required that construction take  place on the same site as the existing South Shaver Elementary School  building. This requirement called for ingenuity and innovation to ensure  that timelines could be met, and that the existing building could  remain in use throughout construction. 

Among  its many attributes, our design features a unique multi-purpose  courtyard, spacious classrooms, and a welcoming entrance with a wide  circle drive. As always, our educational structures are built with  durable materials that reflect our commitment to creating sustainable  structures. Upon completion, the South Shaver Elementary School will  stand as a dynamic two-story building that can accommodate 800 students.

Westlake Preparatory Lutheran Academy

 Richmond, Texas,  Completed: 2006 

 Completed  in 2006, the Elementary School/General Admission Center is the first of  many facilities planned for the Westlake Preparatory Lutheran Academy  main campus. Drawings from Tuscan inspiration, the new building blends  well into the neighboring Bella Terra community. In addition to dynamic,  naturally lit classroom spaces, courtyards and multipurpose spaces make  education for children of various ages feasible as the school continues  to grow quickly. The 38,000 sq. ft. Westlake Preparatory Elementary  School and General Admission Center is the first phase of a five-year  plan to accommodate anticipated growth in student population and design  is already under way to construct an adjacent middle school building. 

L.F. Smith Elementary

Pasadena, TX, Completed 2017 

Lorenzo De Zavala Middle School

Pasadena, Texas


Thomas Hancock Elementary

Pasadena, Texas

Completed 2016




Scarborough High School - Houston ISD  | 2018 

L.F. Smith Elementary School - Pasadena ISD | 2017 

Westlake Preparatory Lutheran Academy + Addition -  Richmond | 2010 + 2016

Thomas Hancock Elementary - Pasadena ISD | 2016 

Marshall Kendrick Middle School  - Pasadena ISD | 2015 

Clear Creek ISD Security Upgrades | 2015

South Shaver Elementary School - Pasadena ISD | 2014 

Sea Star Galveston - Galveston | 2013

Tegeler High School Additions - Pasadena ISD  | 2013

Armand Bayou Education Center - Pasadena ISD  | 2013

Bay Area Christian School - League City | 2011

Lorenzo De Zavala Fifth Grade Center + Renovations - Pasadena ISD | 2002 + 2009

Dr. Dixie Melilo Middle School - Pasadena ISD  | 2008

Rick Schneider Middle School - Pasadena ISD | 2006